Surgisyl featured on Berita News

surgisyl on berita news

SURGISYL was featured in Berita MediaCorp on 29 August 2022. For those who don’t read Malay, here’s an excerpt translated into English:

"MediDent International Ptd Ltd, one of the local mask manufacturing companies, had to take steps to reduce the number of staff working in its warehouse.

The founder of MediDent International Ptd Ltd, Dr Samintharaj Kumar said: "We already knew there would be a shortage of demand for masks, so we had to reduce our workforce. Our employees include mask machine operators, packers and the e-commerce team. Now, we have reduced our headcount by 10 percent."

With the number of manpower reduced, Dr Kumar also agreed that his company will reduce the number of masks that the company will produce in the coming months.

However, Dr Kumar refused to reveal the extent to which his company will reduce their mask production.

The company manufactures Surgisyl brand masks.

"In the past when it was announced that we were required to use masks in public places, we could sell the quantity of masks from the entire warehouse within a day. However, in the past few days, we have seen that amount decreased by 40 percent. On the day of the announcement about the relaxation of SMM last week, the number plunged by 90 per cent," said Dr Kumar, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nuffield Dental Holdings.

Meanwhile, Dr Kumar feels that Singaporeans are still buying masks, albeit in smaller quantities.

"We sometimes carry out promotions for masks and the response is still quite high, showing that people are still buying masks," said Dr Kumar.

For now, Dr Kumar says that the majority of Surgisyl mask buyers are repeat buyers.

He also agreed that the mask manufacturing industry will not "disappear", especially with the possibility of a wave of Covid19 infections in Singapore in the coming months."

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